Thursday, January 5, 2012

Postcard Diaries

Photo courtesy of 'I Do' It Yourself
Forget about sending postcards to friends and family. Have you ever thought of sending one to yourself instead? It's a unique way of documenting your trip without having to bring along a journal. Think about it, you have a professional photo of where you've been, a brief description of the trip's highlights, and a foreign (or stateside) stamp and postmark to verify the origins of your journal entry. After a few trips you'll have a very unique, personal journal of your treks across the globe.

Photo Courtesy of Males In Early Childhood

As far as what to write about, skip the greetings and small talk and go straight to brief descriptions of the trip's details. The people you were with,  dates of the trip, excursions you took, the hotel and room number that you stayed in, restaurants you enjoyed, your favorite dishes, etc. etc.

My most recent entry from our trip to Montana

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