Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Droid Drop

Ahhhhhhh, I've been so bad at posting for a while, but I have a (lame) excuse. My iPad came in the mail and I've been so distracted, playing with it every night. Bad excuse, I know, but I'm back. With a little bit late, St. Patty's Day themed, Droid Drop.

My fashion for the day. A play on Kiss Me I'm Irish, since I'm not really an Ohioan (Colorado Wa-what!) This was a present from my hubby for St. Patty's Day last year. It's a product of the uber-popular Cleveland Clothing Company!
Breck's outfit for the day. A t-shirt my dad had made when we were younger (one of like 25 mind you) so that all of his friends and family could "advertise" his adamant belief that Notre Dame is French, therefore should not be called the fighting Irish. He FORCED us to wear this men's XL shirts to grade school every year for St. Patty's day. There's only a handful left and we treasure them dearly now. They've held up well for being 20 years old, but are clearly worn out.
Dyed green carnations from the hubby, a tradition three years in the making. Love it!
The crowded streets of East 4th. Downtown Cleveland had a record 500,000+ people, mostly thanks to the holiday falling on a Saturday. I get super-claustrophobic in large crowds so we quickly made our way up to the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. The perfect spot to watch the crowds and feel like you were a part of the day, while in the relaxed setting of a roomy, private bar and empty bathrooms. This was truly my saving grace for the day.
The biggest glass of beer we came across. Smart guy though, bagged ice to keep it cold without watering it down.
Yet another view of East 4th. Since the hubby started out the day at 7am with breakfast at Bar Louie (no thank you), he was done for by 5pm and we were in bed by 8pm. So old!



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