Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Russell & Bromley - Men's Suede Shoes

While he is far from surpassing Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge as a fashion icon, Prince Harry is currently making waves after sporting several pairs of Russell & Bromley suede shoes on his recent trip to Jamaica. This popular British-based company first began making shoes in 1873 and boasts several A-listers among its' clientele. And at about $180 per pair they're fairly reasonably priced.

Hope nobody steps on those blue suede shoes (I couldn't resist)
Photo: JulianParker-UKPress-AbacaUSA
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Mark Large
Photo: PA

Photo: Andre Deveaux
Photo: Andre Deveaux
Grey Suede Loafers
Lilac Suede Brogues

Red Suede Driving Shoes, Photo: arthurknightdotcom
Photo: Russell & Bromley
Photo: Russell & Bromley

Yeay, or nay as to whether or not you think your man could pull these off?


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