Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Washington Place And Beethoven's 9th

Thursday night the hubby, his father, his brother and I had a classy night on the town, beginning with dinner at Washington Place Bistro & Inn and ending with Beethoven's 9th at the Cleveland Orchestra. I always feel like such a lady at the orchestra so I was so excited to go.

Washington Place Bistro is a quaint, slightly upscale restaurant on the edge of Little Italy. Both adjacent to and above the Bistro are the seven hotel rooms that compromise the Washington Place Inn. Unfortunately we were only able to enjoy their Bistro so I have no feedback on the Inns.

We passed their open-concept kitchen on the way to our table located in the
enclosed front porch. I love being able to observe the kitchen and food prep
areas. This one was immaculate - I was pleasantly impressed.
We began dinner with a muscle appetizers, which none of the boys allowed
me to take a picture of because they were "starving" and couldn't wait. Check in on
Foursquare and receive a 1/2 price appetizer coupon (limited time).
The waitress recommended the Shrimp & Grits meal, which I chose.
It was as good as she had hyped it up to be. So yummy!
The boys were all super-original, and each chose the C.A.B. Short Ribs.
The overall consensus was that the meat was very tender, but lacked in flavor.  
The B.I.L is lactose intolerant (as is the hubby), so he was thrilled that they offer
vegan desserts (he went with cupcakes), eliminating any risk of dairy.
In fact, at the end of the meal we found out that Washington Place offers a full vegan
menu every Thursday. Definitely one to check out!
On to the orchestra.    
As my father-in-law so eloquently put it, "You guys just got to see one of the best musical pieces of all time, lead by one of the most famous conductors of all time, performed by one of the best orchestras in the world." He's right, it was amazing!

Photo credits: Washington Place, Life, Love & Cake, and The Cleveland Leader