Wednesday, June 15, 2011

De-Skunking Shampoo

Well, it's official. Breck has been sprayed by a skunk for the fourth time. As is typical, it took place late at night. Fortunately I think she and the skunk are both getting a little familiar with their confrontations so she wasn't hit too badly. You'd think they'd both learn their lesson. She should leave him alone and he shouldn't come into back to our yard.

Needless to say my de-skunking shampoo has come to the rescue once again. And no, it's not tomato juice. She has some white fur, which would stain. Plus it's not as effective. I think technically the recipe should be:
  • 1 qt. hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1-2 tsp dish washing detergent
  • Water can be added to make the mixture go further.
However, in the panic of the moment I never measure any of it. Last night I must have made the perfect combination of the three ingredients (it was very close to a paste) because she doesn't smell at all any more.

Important to note:
  • You should not premix this recipe in advance and store it for future use. The combination of ingredients creates a reaction which will cause a buildup of pressure and possible container explosion over time. Additionally, the fresher the mixture is the better.
  • If you have any cuts or scrapes on your hands it will burn! 
  • This recipe will quickly tarnish silver so remove all jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with your dogs mouth or eyes. This will be hard to do as that is usually where the largest concentration of the oily spray will be located. After all, dogs lead with their nose when attacking. For these areas you can put Scope mouthwash on a cotton ball and rub near the eyes and mouth. Blow air onto the area as you apply so that you can disperse the burning chemical fumes away from these sensitive areas.
  • Rinse thoroughly. I finish up with one regular application of doggy shampoo to ensure any harsh chemicals are fully rinsed out.
Good luck and hopefully you'll never have to use this recipe!


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