Friday, June 22, 2012

Lebron James - Far From Redemption

At the risk of sounded like a Cleveland fan...
I read an interesting article the other day about Lebron. I recommend reading the whole thing HERE, but for a quick summary:
“This guy is so crazy talented he will eventually win a championship. And when he does, people will say he redeemed himself. All he really will have done is won a championship. Redemption requires Cleveland, and that road is forever closed.

LeBron is not a villain. He is probably not even a bad guy. He is just not what he could have been had he seen it through in Cleveland.”

That sums it up. Cleveland rant over.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I'm a bit late b/c I was having issues posting last night, but...

Happy Father's Day to every amazing dad out there. You are more important than you may ever know. I still rely on the advice I learned from mine to get me through each day. From the serious, practical lessons to the better, more important life lessons. He taught me how to be financially responsible, how to do my taxes, and how to negotiate and end up on the better end of the deal. I learned from him that your word is everything and your reputation is all you really have. He taught me that before you learn how to drive you have to learn how to change a tire.

]But my dad also taught me that the only band worth destroying your ear drums over is the Rolling Stones, and as this picture depicts, he taught me that you're never too old to still be a kid with your kids. So here's to you, my Peter Pan. Happy Father's Day Dad.