Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't Be Offended - I'm Attached To My Phone

In an age where cell phones are like technological oxygen, there's still a misunderstood group of people who actually do follow proper etiquette. We aren't the type who survive by phone multitasking, whether it's while watching TV, driving, or even having a convo (ahem hubby). One time I was in a room full of friends who were all playing a game - with each other - on their phones. Leaving me to entertain myself. Ridiculous. I have a Smartphone, but I'm not that bad. But I'm here to tell you this new, misunderstood group, we're still attached to our cell phones, just for very different reasons.

We are a much smaller group who truly do "need" our phones. It is our lifeline. Our security blanket. God forbid I miss a phone call that could have made a difference in a life or death matter for someone I love. I would always wonder, if I'd just answered that call, what would have happened? I'd rather offend someone with the presence of my phone and have that peace of mind than worry myself into oblivion on a consistent basis. Sorry, but I'm not budging.

Maybe I should preface this with, I am an unnecessary worrier. Especially since my dad died, but even before that it was bad. It's hereditary, handed down from my mom's side of the family. A recent example. While we were heading out the door for our trip to Montana and I was tripple checking doors, light switches and stoves I saw a bottle of 409 sitting next to an electrical outlet. So this is where my mind goes: It's not touching the outlet, but what if the bottle is leaking chemical fumes and the fumes build up near the outlet over a few days and the outlet sparks and the spark lights the fumes on fire causing a mini-explosion and then the fire quickly spreads throughout the house using the liquid in the now melted bottle of 409 as fuel. Ridiculous to some, but not to me.

Now you can guess where my mind goes when I miss a call from my mom. I hyperventilate during Yoga when I have to leave my phone in a locker. Relaxing, right? During the movies I keep it on vibrate in my lap. Never do I ever turn it off. It sits on my bedside table at night on loud, in case she should call. If I forget it at home, my whole day is a worried mess. I take it with me everywhere!

The point I'm trying to make: think about why someone's attached to their phone before you automatically peg them as "addicted" and "rude". If you're having dinner with me I can guarantee you my phone will be the third party at the table, parked somewhere between my silverware and glass of water. This doesn't mean I'll answer it, or even look at it. But because my phone is with me I will be 100% in the moment with you.

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