Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travel Estimator

Living over 1,300 miles from home automatically necessitates that I become a frequent traveler. Between all of the different aspects associated with cross-country travel, from packing to making sure flights are on time to getting to the airport, it's bound to be a stressful process. Lately I've been mentioning my desire to win the lottery so that I can fly private, eliminating most of these headaches. Traveling privately would be my only big change in lifestyle after winning the lottery. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to show up at your closest airport, no matter how small, ten minutes before you want to take off, travel with as many bags as you need, not have to go through any security lines and have exclusive use of all of the commodities offered by a luxury private jet?

Alas, I've won no such lottery and will have to stick to my normal flying routines -until I hit it big of course. Lately I've been trying to see how stress free I can make my travels based on what I can control. Right now I'm trying to put together a suitcase of clothes and personal items that I can leave at my mom's house, allowing me to travel with only a large carry on purse. I've always envied the women that travel so light, now I plan on becoming one of them.

Recently, I've discovered the website TravelMath is able to calculate almost any travel question. It'll tell you travel distance, times, and prices, local time zones, latitudes and longitudes and their corresponding locations, and hotels near your destination. For those of you eco-conscious travelers, you can even find out which type of travel will emit the least amount of carbon into the atmosphere!

Whether you're someone who loves to travel or just has to, you will find TravelMath to be a useful tool for exhausting all of your search possibilities.

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