Friday, December 3, 2010

Comfort Is Key

Photo courtesy of Angelina.
If you learn one thing about me, it’s that comfort is key. I’m probably the only person who thinks jeans are just about the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. Fashionable fitness clothing is my preferred everyday gear. My husband hates that I wear my “yoga pants” everywhere, not just for lounging around or working out. But I don't care. Although I don’t always use it for the original purpose of working out, I feel that, just by wearing them, I am more likely to get a little spontaneous exercise in. Wishful thinking probably, but the fact that they show off your figure is incentive enough to try and eat healthy and stay fit. It's an added bonus that they're cute.

Photo courtesy of Angelina.
My problem now is that, not only does the hubby think all I wear are these pants, but that I have the same five pants in an ongoing rotation. More importantly, he’s right. So lately I’ve been trying to find new gear, still in the fitness realm, but this time I'm looking for more upscale clothing. Something that will look a little more acceptable when, not if, it’s worn out of the house. I’ve recently come across this great website,, featuring exactly what I’ve been searching for. While it’s not at the same price point as my original sportswear, my search inevitably will require a larger investment. I think it’s worth it for high-quality pieces that I can both lounge around the house and run around the city in.

Started by avid sports and fashion enthusiasts Angelina and Sharon Pacaldo, Angelina, is based in San Francisco and offers sportswear ranging from tanks and sports bras to shorts and pants. For your girlier side you'll find necklaces, dresses and sandals! Frugal shoppers should check out their sale section and $5.95 shipping.

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