Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Hopes For Our New Chest Freezer

The hubby and I just took advantage of a sale on chest freezers at our nearby Home Depot. I've been telling him for months that the limited space provided by our current fridge really hinders us from saving money. The added incentive of this recent sale helped me push him over the edge.

With increase freezer space comes so many opportunities for saving money:
  • Frozen pizzas will cut our take out bills in half, from $15-$18 for delivery to $3-5 for frozen. Plus, no need to agonize over the 45 minute wait.
  • Finally, I can take advantage of "Smart One's" 5 for $10 sales.
  • We go through one loaf of bread a month. Halfway through it goes bad, and quicker if it's organic. Now we'll always have bread on hand.
  • Leftover soups and meals can be enjoyed months later. Who doesn't get sick of having lasagna five nights in a row just to avoid it spoiling. Now we can enjoy it one night and not even have to think about it for weeks.
  • Our homemade ice cream machine requires placing the interior of the machine in the freezer for at least six hours prior to using it. If it wasn't the size of a one gallon tub I might be able to fit it in our regular freezer. Now I can male home made ice cream at any time, which probably will be like three times a year...but that's not the point.
  • Eventually, when the time is right, I have an ambitious plan of making all of our children's baby food. And again, not even a baby wants to eat the same mushed sweet potatoes for five nights in a row. With this freezer I'll be able to make a large quantity of sweet potatoes, bananas, zucchini, etc. and freeze them in little ice cube trays for meal-sized portions. Here's the breakdown of savings when making your own baby food, (thanks to http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/):    http://bit.ly/gNIrPu
Oh the possibilities are endless, hopefully.

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  1. Hey Prolix,
    We ended up loving this freezer! It's not the most exciting post, but it is helpful and practical. Thanks for reading!