Friday, October 12, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - Before and After

This post is long overdue, but I love the renovation so much that I don't care how old it may be, I'm still posting. It's been over a year since we renovated our kitchen, but I love the transformation. Since it's long been established that I'm into the natural, stone decorating way of doing things (Colorado-style), it should be no surprise we took this renovation in that direction as well. One of my favorite decorating ideas to date was the decision to put backsplash not only below the cabinets, but above them as well. You would not believe the flack I got from actual decorators and suppliers who thought it was a terrible idea. But the only person I actually had to convince was Mr. W. And believe me, it took a lot of convincing. However, as you will see, I won that argument. In the end he not only loved it, but insisted we install backsplash on the TV wall as well. Below are the photos of the complete renovation process.


Selected Materials
Granite - It's so pretty in the shop that I wanted them to keep that rough 
edge upon installation. Apparently it's not a safe choice for when you have 
kids and your clothes will totally rip and tear if you rub against it. But it's so pretty!


Interestingly enough, the hubby and I agreed 100% on the 
granite and backsplash. For once!

The paint choice wasn't as easy to decide upon, but I liked the Merlot idea b/c it would highlight the lighter backsplash and granite really well. I also liked it because throughout the granite there are trails of a Merlot color. The actual paint we chose was Sherwin-Williams - Blackberry.

During The Renovation
Ripping out the old backsplash


Granite installation

The granite company had an extra square of granite that they gave us and 
we now use as a pot holder/heating pad of sorts on our dining room buffet table. 
It protects the wood from any hot dishes we are serving.

Love the sinks! 60/40. 60 is 10" deep and 40 is 8" deep.

My favorite feature though would be the touch faucet. 
As in dirty hands, no worries, just touch anywhere on the faucet with your hands!

Because I wanted counter to ceiling stone backsplash (and not granite backsplash) 
we took off the granite backsplash seen here:

At first they gave us the wrong backsplash. It was tinted pink, and 
clearly did not match the granite. Yet they insisted it was the right color.

After about 2 months of going back and forth they FINALLY 
realized the boxes were labeled wrong and gave us the right material.

Almost done installing backsplash under the cabinets.


It took three coats of Blackberry Sherwin Williams paint to get the dark 
Merlot color we wanted. It started out looking pink, then purple, then Merlot!

The Finished Product
Gotta have my television. Helps pass the 8+ hours I spend making each cake!

See what I mean about the backsplash? It appears as though the
whole wall is rock and the cabinets were mounted on top of them.

Now we just have to work on updating those floors.
There's always something, I tell ya!

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