Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's About Time To Announce...

Seeing as I'm 25 weeks I figure it's high time to announce that we're officially expecting our first child, due at the beginning of February. I waited so long partly for superstitious reasons and partly because I've just been so busy spending every waking (and sleeping) hour thinking baby. It's overwhelming in a good way.

To kick off my many more baby posts to come, I thought I would start by divulging my initial symptoms. The ones that clued me in on the fact that I may be pregnant.

You might be pregnant if...
  1. Your dreams are so vivid you wake up in tears, furious with someone, or thinking something actually happened when it didn't
  2. You cry when the guy at Taco Bell gets your order wrong and you don't realize till you get home and it's too late (don't judge my occasional lapses in healthy eating)
  3. You cry while watching fireworks
  4. You cry while watching the Olympics
  5. You cry while watching Kendra, the uber-educational, emotional reality show
  6. You cry because you don't want your dog to die ... because eventually she will...even though she's only 4
  7. You cry because your hubby doesn't think your crying is rational
  8. You cry because you haven't cried in a while
  9. You find yourself hysterically crying and laughing at the same time because you realize how ridiculous your crying really is (noticing a theme)
  10. At dinner time you can't tell if you're hungry, full, have to go to the bathroom, or need to throw up (made for an interesting night out)
  11. You go to the bathroom more in one day than your hubby goes all week (no joke)
  12. You're anxious about everything and nothing and can't make a simple decision to save your life
Legitimately, those were all my early warning signs. I've been really lucky to have absolutely no morning sickness whatsoever though (aside from #10, which wasn't really morning sickness as much as it was indecisiveness), so I'll take the above symptoms any day. My main, overarching symptom that has become the theme of this pregnancy is my incessant need to go to the bathroom. It's really bad. I should own stock in Charmin and I have definitely gotten to know the ins and outs of stopping at public places. Yet, I've been told this is still way better than morning sickness. The jury's still out on that one.

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