Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEO Homemade - Clagett Designs


I love finding small companies with great products as a replacement for mass-produced items from national chain stores. Especially when they're made by local, homegrown talents. We all know it's hard for these smaller companies to compete so they need all the promoting they can get. For this reason I'm starting a NEO Homemade "column", which may eventually expand to include Denver-Boulder area talents.

For my first Snapshot I'd like to introduce you to Katie Grabner who, within the past year, has turned an idea into a full-blown company - Clagett Designs. Katie works out of her in-home studio in Chagrin Falls, OH, creating jewelry that she sells both online and at trunk shows.

I was recently invited to my first show and finally got to see her jewelry in person. I loved the night from the get-go. Not often enough do i get to indulge in a true, proper ladies night where you get to dress up, enjoy a glass of wine and meet a new group of women. I love that Katie provides such a comfortable, creative setting that fosters this environment. Great for a fun night out and I totally recommend bringing friends and grabbing dinner afterwards.

On to the jewelry. LOVED IT! Her collection consists of classy, timeless pieces that can both accompany a cocktail dress for a night out or dress up a casual pair of jeans for everyday wear. Each piece demonstrates the quality of craftsmanship that Katie prides herself. Plus, there's something for every price range from pendant earrings for $12 to a multi-strand pearl and gold necklace for $350. I splurged on four items myself and was very impressed with how well each piece was made. They just feel like good, solid pieces that will last a lifetime.

My favorite part: Katie has a knack for creating pieces that cross generational gaps, appealing to both younger and older women. Several times throughout the night I overheard mother-daughter pairs agreeing on pieces they could buy together and periodically trade off - expanding their jewelry collection.

For all you creatives: If you have a concept in mind, she can help you create your very own, one-of-a-kind piece.

My prediction: Katie will go far and her designs will soon become well-known across Northeast Ohio. Check out her website, www.clagettdesigns.com, to learn more about Katie and to check out her work.

Chunky necklaces
Dainty Necklaces
Trunk Show Showroom - So Classy!
My original three choices - gold dangle leaf earrings, four strand matted gold link bracelet, and a brushed silver metal link bracelet
As I was making my purchases I came across this gorgeous set of earrings, which pair gold flowers with blue faceted stones. Sold, at the last minute!