Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gamecocks Droid Drop

Last weekend the Mr. and I took a road trip down to South Carolina where is cousin was graduating from the University of South Carolina. The 9.5 hour drive, both ways, with the in laws was essentially painless. Especially since I was enthralled in 50 Shades of Grey most of the way. Below are a few pics of our trip...

He can drive me anywhere :)
Charleston, WV
Perfect road trip music!
I really should be living beach side. That fits my personality well.
Again, I should live in a southern, coastal town!
The Sheraton in downton Columbia.
It was a pretty, historic building, but the service was under par.
Riding in relaxing style with amazing shuttle service from Signature Transportation.
DEFINITELY check them out! Their whole staff is awesome!

"G" giving her speech for the honors graduation event
That's right. Tacos and Sushi. Mexican goes well with Japanese cuisine, right?
Lookin' good as we tour the campus
Random cute flowers
Relaxing in the "horseshoe" area of campus
I love southern trees!
This was only 1/2 of the graduating class
G as she graduates!
You can hardly see her, but she's raising the roof.
Greek village at USC is sooo much better than at DU.
The houses are gorgeous. Very southern.
Me, representing Tri Delta. Wa-what!
A great sushi restaurant (with super-cute waiters).
Definitely stop in next time you're at USC.
Of course, an amazing, huge full moon on the last night.
Driving back home. Ah, mountains. I am in love with you!!!
I don't discriminate, as long as you're a mountain, not a hill

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