Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Notables

The chances of actually being born on a leap day are one in 1,500. The few lucky stars who age ever so slowly with a February 29th birthday include: 

Dinah Shore, American Singer and Actress, 1916-1994

Tony Robbins, American Motivational Speaker, 1960

Antonio Sabato, Jr. (yes please!!!), Italian-born actor, 1972

Pedro Zamora, Real World castmate and AIDS activist, 1972-1994

Ja Rule, American rapper and actor, 1976

And for those of you ladies who frustratingly passed by Valentine's Day without a proposal, here's your one chance for the next four years to "Put A Ring On It". That's because a well-known tradition in some European countries allows women to propose marriage on February 29th. This additional day is apparently the only time it is socially acceptable to switch this role. So be brave and go for it. If he turns you down, tradition states that he has to buy you gloves (to hide your ring-less finger) or give you money. So either way you'll get something out of it. 

I'd like to hear from anyone who's birthday falls on Feb. 29th. Do you find it unique/neat or is it a pain in the butt. Holla and let the rest of us know.

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