Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Oscar Fashions - The Cape Coat Stuns

I've professed my love of cape coats before (see here). I'm generally obsessed with the real world adaptation of this fairytale-style fashion, so I was happy to see Gwyneth Paltrow's take on this trend last night at the Oscars. Her snow white (pun intended) ensemble is by Tom Ford. Definitely my pick for best dressed.

WENN, Fame/Flynet
My choice for worst dressed would be Stacy Keibler in this Marchesa gown. Sorry, but it looks like a dress you'd see on the red carpet in the late 80's/mixed with an actual Oscar trophy:

Gilbert Flores /
Who are your best and worst dressed nominees?


  1. I love your best dressed pick - Gwyneth always looks gorgeous. Now for that worst dressed, I have to strongly disagree! While that certainly wasn't a great look, what about Meryl Streep or Melissa McCarthy? I love both of them but their dresses were neither stylish or flattering. I think they could have found something better at Wal-Mart. ugh

    1. The only reason why I'll disagree with you on Melissa McCarthy's dress is because it provided a much needed hiding place for that mini bottle of liquor she pulled out while presenting. So I liked it due to the comedy aspect. But you're right about Meryl Streep. I totally forgot about her dress, it's like Stacy Kiebler's Oscar/trophy-looking dress x10. Good call!