Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

I've lived in Cleveland for just over three years now and have been to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo three times. Once, a year ago, for Twilight at the Zoo and then twice in the last three months for private tours of their new Elephant Crossing Exhibit. Why I don't work there as an animal caretaker, I do not know.

Driving by on I-71 you would never know the CMZ is there, aside from some minimal highway signage. Hidden away in a valley the CMZ is nothing humongous, but it's certainly an animal's paradise. The zoo makes me long to have children of my own that I can take on fun outings to educational destinations.

After our private tour, we made it to the back of the zoo where you'll find the polar bear and sea lions. At about the same time that I took the above video of a sassy sea lion, we looked up and noticed that a storm was about to open up on the city. Minutes later it began pouring. The hubby and I ran back to the car, drenched upon arrival. After placing my purse in the safety of the car I requested that he kiss me in the rain. He tried to convince me that kissing - in the car - in the rain is virtually the same thing, but I won. After all, we were already drenched.

And that's the beauty of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. An unexpected downpour not only doesn't ruin your visit, it enhances the atmosphere!

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  1. The area needs development as well. There are policies in place as well.