Monday, May 16, 2011

The Specials

I am the middle of three children and my older sister has Down Syndrome. She was around before I got here and is all I've ever known in terms of sisters. Depending on how much experience you've had with developmentally disabled individuals, you may know that there are varying levels of severity. My sister is very high functioning. She's sharp as a tack and obsessed with wrestling. I always describe her level of awareness with the following story: During an argument between the two of us while we were in high school she turned to me and said, "Give me a break, I have Down Syndrome." Saucy, I know, but it was music to our ears. She gets it.

Last year I came across an online docu-soap series entitled "The Specials", which follows the lives of five mentally handicapped young adults who living in England. With 10 episodes under their belt so far, each about 10 minutes long, you'll see an amazingly truthful glimpse into their very capable lives. Below is Episode #1. I've chosen the subtitled version due to their thick English accents.

For more information on this series, please visit their website at

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