Thursday, May 5, 2011

Salary Of A Mommy

While some might say it's priceless, an informal study conducted by valued a mother's salary at $61,436 a year.

For those of you with husbands who might scoff at that number, here's the breakdown, task by task:

The Mother's Day Index 2011
Mom job
Hours per wk/wks per year
Hourly wage
Wks per year
Annual Mom cost
Cooking14 hrs./52 weeks$9.53 52$6,938
Driving9 hrs./52 weeks$13.43 52$6,285
Helping with homework10 hrs./40 weeks$17.85 40$7,140
Taking care of the kids40 hrs./52 weeks$9.95 52$20,696
Nursing wounds2 hrs./12 weeks$17.90 12$430
Cleaning up10 hrs./52 weeks$9.40 52$4,888
Planning parties64 hours a year$23.11 $1,479
Summer activity planner40 hrs./12 weeks$18.18 12$8,726
Haircuts0.5 hrs./52 weeks$11.55 52$300
Shopping for the family3 hrs./52 weeks$10.13 52$1,580
Family finances0.5 hrs./52 weeks$23.83 52$620
Yard work1 hr./52 weeks$10.83 52$563
Fixing up the house40 hours a year$24.99 $1,000
Finding out what the kids are up to40 hours a year$19.78 $791
Total annual Mom cost: $61,436
*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

SAHM's rejoice!

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