Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Back, Maybe

So I've been MIA from this whole blog thing for a while - and I could've cared less. I have a 17 month old son and all I've wanted to do since his birth is stare at him, play with him, kiss him and pretty much ignore everything else just to be with him.
He's laughing, and running, and learning Spanish, and torturing the dog, and kissing, and being picky about foods, and sleeping like a champ. He's such an easy, but always busy, 17 month old. He's in a perpetual state of motion, except for when he's sleeping. He's literally the love of my life. I never thought it would be THIS cool. I'm sure the next one will be the opposite of easy, but for now we're in a state of ignorant parental bliss.
I do miss blogging though, so I'm back. I can't promise that there won't be periods of time where my son does something extra adorable, the obsession takes hold, and I neglect the blog, but I'm hoping to be better, so bare with me.
Here we go again...

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