Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

The hubby and I recently celebrated my dad's birthday with the essential German Chocolate Cake, which, ironically, neither of us really like. Unfortunately, the cake was store bought this year, so obviously not as good as last year, because I knew I would have no time for homemade. The evening before his bday I took an Old Fashioned Pie Making class at our local cooking school (so fun) and the evening of his bday I was busy making food for a friend's baby shower that was taking place the next day. I topped the cake with one regular candle surrounded by several sparklers for fun.

My wish? The same one I made last year: "To have my dad back." As unrealistic as it may be, that will ALWAYS be my wish every year as I blow out his birthday candles. Nothing else seems as appropriate or important. It is, after all, a wish for him. And I'm in charge of making it so I can wish for what I want.

The hubby made me breakdown even further when he pulled out a six-pack of Becks, dad's favorite beer, to help celebrate. He totally would have approved! (the label on the bottle was rather ironic, considering.)


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