Friday, December 30, 2011

Uggs for Cleveland

Cleveland's yucky weather has forced me to invest in a nice pair of winter boots. I was going for waterproof and realistic rather than cute and not-so effective. After trying out several different brands and styles the only pair that felt comfortable and met the criteria were the Ugg Womens Adirondack Tall boot. I've never spent this much on a pair of boots, and never did I think I'd actually purchase a pair of Uggs, but they're the type that will last me for years. They aren't your typical, slipper-looking Uggs, but this Cleveland weather doesn't mess around so I had to go rugged.

So now I officially have a pair of real Uggs, as opposed to my previous pairs of fake Uggs, or "F.U.'s" as I called them.

While the weather during our Christmas trip to Montana was unseasonably nice, there were a few days that they came in handy:

The Mr. and I freezing our butts off in Yellowstone as I model my new "R.U.'s"!

They also come in a super-cute, dark brown "Obsidian" color, which I now want as well.

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