Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Popping Corn On The Cob

What do I love doing more while driving through the countryside  than forcing the hubby to listen to Nicky Minaj's "Super Bass" repeatedly? Stopping at little road-side fruit stands to pick up fresh produce. It's grown locally and the only thing fresher would be to walk out behind their booth and pick the fruit right from the field.

One recent Sunday while driving through western New York, we did just that. We picked up the staple corn on the cob, a box of the freshest raspberries I've ever had (should have bought another one), and something that I've never tried before. Popping corn on the cob. The owner said the corner was specific for popping and all she did to prepare it was de-husk and dry it out. The pre-popped version looks just like regular corn with hardened kernels.

The owner then instructed us to put each ear of corn in their individual brown paper lunch bag, roll the end over several times and cook in the microwave under the popcorn setting for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Her instructions were perfect and the popcorn turned out great! Season with salt and butter or any other popcorn seasonings you prefer! Each ear of corn cost $0.75 and produced just as much popcorn as a bag would provide.

Aside from general snacking purposes, these popping corns would be a great accent to handmade fall gift baskets. Just add ribbon!

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