Friday, November 19, 2010

Green Tip

I'm constantly trying to think of ways to make our house greener and recently learned that a refrigerator typically uses about 15% of a homes energy. Thankfully there are ways to reduce this number.

First, a full refrigerator is a more efficient refrigerator. The items in your fridge act as a cooling system, similar to ice packs in a cooler, while an empty fridge takes much more energy to keep cold. So by keeping your fridge full, but not overly stuffed, you will be saving energy. Of course, the same goes for your freezer.

Similarly, be sure to let hot foods cool before placing them in the fridge. This will reduce the internal rise in temperature of your refrigerator. Of course don't allow meat to sit out at room temperature for too long, even if it's cooked.

Lastly, keep the area around the outside of your fridge clean. Removing any dust or dirt buildup from the back and underside - especially the coils - will help reduce energy usage and extend the life of your appliance. This is the task I'm least looking forward to. Maybe I'll talk the hubby into doing it.

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